Protesters Swarm OpenAI over military concerns

Key Points:

  • Around 30 activists protested outside OpenAI’s San Francisco office calling for an AI boycott due to its collaboration with the US military.
  • OpenAI removed its ban on “military and warfare” from its policies and is now working with the US Defense Department on cybersecurity software.
  • Calls for a ban on developing large general-purpose AI systems due to concerns of AI becoming an existential threat have been growing.


Activists gather outside OpenAI’s San Francisco office urging an AI boycott after the company’s collaboration with the US military sparked controversy. OpenAI quietly lifted its ban on military involvement, focusing on cybersecurity with the Defense Department. Despite maintaining restrictions on weaponization, critics like Holly Elmore fear unchecked power. While VP Anna Makanju defends their military ties as aligning with global interests, Elmore’s community, PauseAI, pushes for limiting AI development over existential threats. Concerns over AI’s potential catastrophic risks grow among industry leaders and voters alike. Elmore emphasizes the danger of uncontrolled technology, urging proactive safety measures. However, CEO Sam Altman dismisses calls for a pause on AI, advocating for responsible development to avoid unintended societal consequences. Altman’s straightforward message: secure our future or dwell on failure. With tensions high, the debate over AI’s role in shaping tomorrow intensifies.



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