Quora raised $75M from a16z to grow Poe, its AI chat bot platform

Key Points:

  • Quora has raised $75 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz to power the growth of Poe, its AI chat platform.
  • Quora is aiming to develop a creator economy around AI chatbots, enabling creators to generate revenue from building interesting AI bots.
  • The latest funding round values Quora at $500 million, a significant decline from its previous valuation of $1.8 billion in 2017.


Quora, the popular Q&A platform, is making waves with its recent move to secure a hefty $75 million in funding from tech investment firm Andreessen Horowitz. This marks the company’s first venture into fundraising in almost seven years, a significant milestone for the platform. The funding injection is slated to fuel the growth of Poe, Quora’s AI chat platform, and plays a pivotal role in the company’s ambitious plans to foster a creator economy focused on AI chatbots.


What sets Quora’s approach apart in the AI chatbot arena is its pioneering vision to establish a creator-centric ecosystem centered around AI bots. This unique model allows creators to potentially earn a livelihood through the development of compelling AI chatbots, diverging from the traditional monetization avenues prevalent in the creator space. Quora’s CEO, Adam D’Angelo, envisions the bulk of the funding being channeled into compensating creators participating in the Poe platform through their creator monetization initiative, which was recently launched. Even developers integrating bots with the Poe AI are eligible for financial rewards, underscoring Quora’s commitment to fostering a flourishing community of creators.


Despite seeing a staggering decline in its valuation from $1.8 billion in its previous fundraising round, Quora remains undeterred, embracing the shift in market dynamics and acknowledging the consequential impact on its valuation. D’Angelo attributes this decline to the evolving market landscape, driven by rising interest rates and increased cost of capital. Nonetheless, the company is buoyed by the promising momentum it has attained since the introduction of Poe about a year ago. Notably, Quora witnessed its highest usage week in its history recently, boasting over 400 million monthly unique visitors, underscoring its steadfast growth trajectory.


In a strategic move, Quora plans to direct the new funding exclusively towards Poe, with D’Angelo affirming that the platform’s financial standing remains robust, excluding Poe. The article also highlights the meteoric rise of Poe, with over 18.4 million installs and nearly 1.22 million monthly active users, showcasing evident signs of burgeoning potential. The enthusiasm surrounding Poe is mirrored in a blog post by a16z partner David George, who lauds it as one of the top 5 largest generative AI-related properties, boasting over 1 million creators building bots on the platform.


In telling an enthralling tale of resurgence, Quora’s latest funding coup sets the stage for an exciting chapter, underpinned by its steadfast commitment to nurturing a thriving community of creators within the AI chatbot domain.



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