Rabbit partners with ElevenLabs to power voice commands on its device

Key Points:

  • Rabbit partners with ElevenLabs for voice commands on devices
  • Rabbit r1 to ship with ElevenLabs’ tech for voice interactions
  • ElevenLabs works on dynamic co-pilot feature for Rabbit r1


Hardware maker Rabbit has partnered with ElevenLabs to integrate voice command capabilities into its devices, including the upcoming Rabbit r1 set to launch next month. ElevenLabs’ technology will empower users to interact with the pocket AI device through voice commands and receive responses in a human-like manner. The initial launch will offer English language support with a single voice option, emphasizing a dynamic and seamless human-device interaction experience.


In addition to voice commands, Rabbit’s r1 devices will feature Perplexity AI’s solutions to provide users with answers to their queries. The company has announced that the first batch of $199 r1 devices will leave the factory by March 31, with delivery to users expected shortly afterward. The devices will offer various functionalities out of the box, including interacting with chatbots, accessing Perplexity AI for answers, enabling bi-directional translation, ordering rides and food, as well as playing music.


CEO Jesse Lyu revealed at an event earlier this month that Rabbit has nearly reached 100,000 device orders, indicating strong market interest in the company’s products. On the other hand, ElevenLabs recently secured $80 million in Series B funding, elevating the company to unicorn status with investments from prominent names like Andreessen Horowitz and former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman. ElevenLabs specializes in voice cloning services for diverse applications such as audiobooks, dubbed media content, advertisements, and creating voiceovers for video game characters.



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