RagaAI secures $4.7M to support its foundation model, RagaAI DNA

Key Points:

  • RagaAI has launched its pioneering Foundation Model, RagaAI DNA, tailored for AI testing, offering more than 300 tests for automatic issue detection and resolution.
  • The company has secured $4.7 million in funding, led by Pi Ventures, to enhance its AI testing tools and has garnered widespread attention from prominent publications.
  • The release of RagaAI’s transformative platform signifies a critical juncture in the company’s journey, emphasizing its dedication to advancing AI quality and safety.


RagaAI, an AI testing platform, has made a significant stride by launching its groundbreaking Foundation Model, RagaAI DNA. The model is designed specifically for AI testing and offers more than 300 tests to automatically detect issues, diagnose, and fix them instantly. This release marks a pivotal moment in RagaAI’s journey, reflecting its mission to revolutionize AI quality and safety.


The company has received a substantial amount of funding, including $4.7 million led by Pi Ventures, to support its efforts to improve AI testing tools. RagaAI’s emergence from stealth with its automated testing solution has garnered widespread attention, with features in prestigious outlets such as Bloomberg, Forbes, VentureBeat, and more.


The culmination of RagaAI’s relentless efforts and the enthusiastic support of its backers underscores the company’s commitment to shaping the future of AI quality and safety. This major development has captured the interest of key players in the industry and sets the stage for RagaAI’s anticipated impact on the AI landscape.



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