Robotics startup Figure raises staggering $675M and partners with OpenAI

Key Points:

  • Figure receives $675 million investment round
  • Collaboration agreement with OpenAI for AI development
  • Ramping up humanoid commercial deployment with the investment


Figure, a Silicon Valley startup based in Sunnyvale, California, is making waves in the robotics industry with its focus on creating humanoid robots to alleviate labor shortages in physically demanding sectors like warehouses and retail. Recently, the company secured a substantial $675 million investment from major tech players such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Jeff Bezos’s Bezos Expeditions, among others. As a result, Figure’s valuation has soared to $2.6 billion, firmly establishing it as a unicorn in the industry.


CEO Brett Adcock, previously involved with Archer Aviation, highlighted plans to accelerate the deployment of humanoid robots for commercial use with the influx of funds. Additionally, Figure announced a collaboration with OpenAI to leverage their artificial intelligence capabilities in developing advanced models for their robots. This partnership aims to enhance the machine learning capabilities of Figure’s robots, as demonstrated by a recent prototype robot making coffee using neural networks trained on imagery.


The strategic collaboration with OpenAI and the previous agreement with BMW Manufacturing reflect Figure’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotics technology. The startup, founded by former professionals from renowned companies like Boston Dynamics and Tesla, is gaining recognition for its innovative approach within the industry. Notably, Figure is positioning itself to compete with established players such as Tesla and emerging startups like Oregon’s Agility Robotics, known for its partnership with Amazon to test humanoid robots in fulfillment warehouse operations.


With a clear vision and strong backing from industry leaders, Figure is poised to revolutionize the field of robotics and bring about significant advancements in the integration of AI and automation in various sectors.



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