Spain to create AI model in local languages for important national project

Key Points:

  • Creation of a foundational large language model trained in Spanish and co-official languages
  • Focus on open source and transparency
  • Cross-sector collaboration involving public and private entities


Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced the creation of a foundational large language model (LLM) trained in Spanish and the country’s co-official languages. This initiative was revealed ahead of the 2024 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The LLM is set to be transparent and open source, allowing for widespread accessibility.


The Spanish LLM initiative seeks to provide an open, public language infrastructure to facilitate the development of advanced applications for economic exploitation, such as intelligent assistants, conversational systems, and content generation models. To achieve its goals, the Spanish government has formed a collaboration with entities like the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the Spanish Supercomputing Network, the Spanish Academy of Language, and the Association of Spanish Language Academies.


This cross-sector collaboration also plans to extend the program to Spanish-speaking communities in the Americas to boost digital offerings and service development. Prime Minister Sanchez highlighted the importance of protecting rights and freedoms while acknowledging the growth and impact of generative AI. He emphasized Spain’s readiness to partake in the international effort to embrace AI sustainably, considering implications for labor markets and public policy.



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