The GPT to rule them all: Training for one trillion parameter model backed by Intel and US government has just begun


Scientists at the Argonne National Lab in Illinois are training a massive generative AI system called ScienceGPT using data from the Aurora supercomputer. With a whopping one trillion parameters, ScienceGPT is set to be one of the largest Language Models out there. It’s like the Hulk of AI, ready to smash through scientific barriers and speed up research.


Powered by Intel’s Ponte Vecchio GPUs, ScienceGPT is flexing its computational muscles. The training process could take months, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was an AI with a trillion parameters. Currently, training is limited to a mere 256 nodes, but it’ll be scaled up over time. Intel and Argonne National Lab are taking it slow, cautious of the supercomputer’s unique design. Can’t blame them for wanting to avoid any science fiction-style AI takeovers.


Once fully trained, ScienceGPT will be a scientific powerhouse, combining text, codes, specific scientific results, and papers into one intelligent model. It’s like having Einstein, Newton, and Marie Curie all rolled into one AI.


The Aurora supercomputer itself is a beast, set to be the second-most powerful supercomputer in US history. With 60,000 Intel GPUs, 10,000 computing nodes, and over 80,000 networking nodes, it’s a technological marvel. In fact, it’s still being finished but is already making waves in the world of supercomputing. Move over, Frontier, there’s a new superstar in town!


Key points:

  • Scientists are training ScienceGPT, a one-trillion-parameter generative AI system, using data from the Aurora supercomputer.
  • ScienceGPT will be one of the largest Language Models, ready to revolutionize scientific research.
  • The training process could take months, but it’s worth the wait for this scientific powerhouse.
  • The Aurora supercomputer is set to be the second-most powerful in US history, with impressive specs and performance.
  • Frontier, watch out! Aurora is here to claim its spot at the top of the supercomputing world.



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