The UK is boosting its AI and quantum research funding

Key Points:

  • UK to invest £500m in AI supercomputing to become an “AI powerhouse”
  • National quantum strategy aims for accessible UK-based quantum computers and advanced quantum network by 2035
  • Industry experts praise the commitment to support the quantum industry
  • Security challenges associated with quantum computing need to be addressed
  • Exciting times ahead for AI and quantum in the UK


In an exciting move for the UK, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has announced a funding boost of £500m in AI supercomputing over the next two years. The goal? To make the country an “AI powerhouse.” That’s right, the UK wants to become the cool kid on the AI block, and they’re investing big bucks to make it happen.


But that’s not all. The UK also has its sights set on the quantum realm. They’re building on their national quantum strategy, which aims to have UK-based quantum computers that can run 1 trillion operations, along with an advanced quantum network, by 2035. The possibilities are mind-boggling, from quantum sensing-enabled solutions in healthcare to quantum navigation systems on aircraft. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s becoming a reality.


Industry experts are thrilled with these announcements. Ashley Montanaro, CEO of quantum company Phasecraft, is delighted to see the ongoing commitment to support the quantum industry. And Dr Marc Warner, CEO of AI company, thinks the £500m funding in AI is encouraging and will lead to better public services and more empowered individuals. However, not everyone is jumping on the quantum bandwagon. Tim Callan, chief experience officer at Sectigo, warns of the potential security risks associated with quantum computing. He urges businesses to take proactive measures and transition to quantum-safe algorithms.


Overall, it’s an exciting time for AI and quantum in the UK. With big investments and ambitious goals, they’re looking to make their mark in these cutting-edge fields. So, keep an eye on the UK because they’re ready to take the AI and quantum world by storm.



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