This Guy Used ChatGPT to Talk to 5,000 Women on Tinder and Met His Wife

Key Points:

  • Zhadan programmed OpenAI’s GPT-2 to be his dating assistant
  • Zhadan’s dating assistant narrowed down 5,000 options to just one woman, Karina Vyalshakaeva
  • Zhadan and Vyalshakaeva created a warm and loving relationship through AI


One man harnesses the power of technology to find his match. In a world where swiping left and right can lead to nowhere, Aleksandr Zhadan turned to OpenAI’s GPT-2 to be his digital Cupid. After dozens of dates led to dead ends, Zhadan programmed his AI assistant to navigate the tricky waters of online dating. From sending tailored messages to coordinating dates on his behalf, ChatGPT slowly evolved into a thoughtful matchmaker.


With over 5,000 conversations, ChatGPT worked its magic and narrowed down Zhadan’s options to just one: the charming Karina Vyalshakaeva. As their relationship blossomed offline, ChatGPT took a back seat, allowing Zhadan to take the reins. But the AI wasn’t done playing cupid just yet. With a nudge in the right direction, Zhadan found himself on one knee, proposing to his AI-assisted love.


While Zhadan isn’t offering his AI matchmaking services to the masses just yet, his love story raises intriguing questions about the future of romance. Is a connection any less genuine if it’s facilitated by AI? As experts weigh in on the evolving landscape of digital dating, one thing is clear: efficiency and authenticity can coexist in the realm of love. Despite potential concerns from dating platforms like Tinder, Zhadan and Vyalshakaeva’s heartwarming journey proves that technology can nurture real, meaningful connections.



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