Tim Cook confirms Apple’s generative AI features are coming “later this year”

Key Points:

  • Apple is planning to introduce generative AI software features in iOS 18, with CEO Tim Cook teasing about the ongoing work in artificial intelligence.
  • The company is expected to invest in technologies that will shape the future, including AI, and aims to integrate AI into its software platforms (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS) later this year.
  • This move is significant as it marks a departure from Apple’s usual practice of keeping upcoming developments under wraps until their official release.


Apple is working on generative AI software features that will be released later this year, making iOS 18 potentially the biggest update in the operating system’s history.


CEO Tim Cook teased about the ongoing work in artificial intelligence, indicating that AI will shape the future of Apple’s software platforms — iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.


It is rare for Apple to telegraph its upcoming moves, suggesting that the company has ambitious plans to integrate AI into its software platforms.



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