Tiny Corp decides to make both AMD and Nvidia versions of its TinyBox AI server – GeForce version is 67% more expensive

Key Points:

  • The TinyBox server will offer both AMD and Nvidia GPUs at different price points.
  • Issues with AMD GPUs led to frustrations and delays in delivering the TinyBox.
  • Tiny Corp is exploring solutions with new tools and engaging with AMD to address the challenges.


Tiny Corp, the creator of the innovative TinyBox server, originally planned to use AMD GPUs for its AI-accelerating server. However, after encountering significant challenges with AMD GPUs, including serious driver issues and difficulties in getting necessary firmware access, Tiny Corp has now decided to offer both AMD and Nvidia options for its TinyBox servers.


The decision to offer both AMD and Nvidia GPUs comes after Tiny Corp found a userspace debugging and diagnostic tool for AMD GPUs, providing hope for improving the performance and reliability of the Radeon-powered TinyBox. The company acknowledged that the AMD GPUs still have some issues, such as crashing and hanging, but expressed optimism about working together to enhance their performance.


The price for the TinyBox servers will vary significantly depending on the choice of GPU. Customers can opt for the AMD option priced at $15,000 or choose the Nvidia option for $25,000, representing a 67% price difference. The Nvidia option is described as more stable and reliable, while the AMD option is presented as suitable for those who enjoy tinkering and are willing to work on improving the performance.


Despite the challenges faced by Tiny Corp in getting the AMD-powered TinyBox to meet its initial expectations, the company remains committed to the product. There are hints that the AMD solution may improve over time, potentially reaching a more stable state in the future. Meanwhile, there is also mention of a prototype Intel Arc-powered TinyBox, although there are currently no plans to ship it.


The situation with Tiny Corp’s TinyBox servers continues to evolve, with the company making decisions based on ongoing developments and feedback. Customers interested in the TinyBox servers are advised to stay informed about the latest updates from Tiny Corp as the company navigates the complexities of offering both AMD and Nvidia GPU options.



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