WellSaid Labs unveils ‘HINTS’, setting new bar for AI voice customization

Key Points:

  • HINTS technology allows users to shape AI voices by adding contextual annotations
  • Users can make fine-grained adjustments like tempo and loudness
  • AI voices respond naturally to precise adjustments and contextual awareness allows nested annotations


WellSaid Labs introduced a new technology named HINTS (Highly Intuitive Naturally Tailored Speech) that empowers users to shape AI voices with finesse and flair. Unlike clunky methods of voice control, HINTS lets creators tweak nuances like tempo and loudness seamlessly to bring their artistic vision to life. Michael Petrochuk aims to make AI voice production as natural and intuitive as a director guiding actors on a movie set.


HINTS paves the way for AI storytelling where customization meets the ethical high road. By utilizing consent-based human data and emphasizing privacy and content moderation, WellSaid Labs sets a gold standard in responsible AI innovation. This forward-thinking approach ensures that AI voices not only sound authentic but also uphold ethical standards crucial in today’s tech landscape.


While nothing can replace the nuances of human talent, HINTS paves the way for AI voices to become more than mere machines; they become empathetic storytellers engaging audiences on a deeper level.



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