What is Google’s Terrifying Gemini AI Project Ellmann?

Key Points:

  • Google is developing a new AI project, Project Ellmann, that aims to create an ultra-intelligent AI assistant, Ellmann Chat, with the capability to capture a comprehensive view of users’ lives.
  • The development of Project Ellmann could potentially challenge existing AI models, such as ChatGPT, and introduce new dynamics in the AI assistant market.
  • The initiative raises concerns about privacy and ethical implications, given the extensive personal data ingestion and the potential impact on user privacy and advertising.


Google is reportedly working on a new AI project called Project Ellmann, which aims to create an ultra-intelligent AI assistant capable of capturing a “birds-eye view” of users’ lives. This AI assistant, known as Ellmann Chat, is designed to ingest personal photos, documents stored in a Google account, and other contextual information to provide highly personalized responses and even tell the user’s life story. The potential impact of this development could significantly disrupt the AI assistant market, particularly challenging existing models like ChatGPT, and raise concerns about privacy and ethical implications.



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