WHO releases AI ethics and governance guidance for large multi-modal models

Key Points:

  • WHO released guidance on the ethical use of large multi-modal models (LMMs) in health care, emphasizing the need for clear governance and inclusive involvement of stakeholders in the development and deployment of these AI technologies.
  • The guidance underlines the potential benefits of LMMs in health care but also acknowledges the risks, including the potential for false, inaccurate, biased, or incomplete information, as well as concerns about data quality, bias, and cybersecurity threats.
  • Governments are urged to invest in public infrastructure, enforce ethical standards, and regulate the use of LMMs, while developers are encouraged to involve all stakeholders in the design process and ensure the accurate and reliable performance of LMMs.


The World Health Organization (WHO) is getting with the times, embracing the future of health care with its new guidance on the ethics and governance of large multi-modal models (LMMs). If you’re scratching your head at the term, fear not; LMMs are the AI marvels revolutionizing health care, thanks to their ability to process various types of data and generate diverse outputs mimicking human communication.


As with any technological advancement, there are risks to consider. False, inaccurate, biased, or incomplete statements could lead users astray, while concerns about data quality and bias cast a shadow over these futuristic models. And let’s not ignore the elephant in the room – cyber threats could potentially throw a wrench into the gears of these digital healers.


WHO’s guidance highlights the need for cooperation among governments, tech companies, health care providers, patients, and civil society to nurture the safe and effective use of LMMs. This harmonious symphony of stakeholders is essential in overseeing the development, deployment, and regulation of these cutting-edge technologies.


In a nutshell, the guidance is all about laying down the law and setting the stage for the LMMs to shine while keeping potential pitfalls at bay. Governments are urged to invest in public infrastructure and enforce ethical standards, while developers are reminded to play nice, involving all stakeholders in the design process and ensuring these AI wonders perform their magic accurately and reliably.



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