Day: December 2, 2023

Oh, Good, OpenAI’s Biggest Rival (Anthropic) Has a Weird Structure Too

Anthropic, a company focused on AI and safety, is now in prime position to take advantage of OpenAI’s recent misstep. Anthropic has a unique board structure with a separate ‘long-term benefit trust’ that focuses on AI safety. The company works with leading banks and insurance companies and has received billion-dollar investments from Google and Amazon. […]

Google’s new AI experiment composes abstract musical clips inspired by instruments

Google has once again ventured into uncharted territory, this time with its latest generative AI experiment called Instrument Playground. Created by artist Simon Doury, this music-making marvel is powered by Google’s MusicLM, a text-to-AI tool that was unveiled earlier this year.   Instrument Playground is a unique platform that takes users on a musical journey, […]

Alarming Video Shows Guy Boxing With Robot

IHMC Robotics and Boardwalk Robotics teamed up to create Nadia, a humanoid robot with impressive fighting abilities. Controlled by an operator wearing VR goggles, Nadia can throw punches and navigate complex terrains. The robot’s high ranges of motion and potential applications in firefighting and disaster response make it a noteworthy advancement in robotics technology.

Scientists Build Biological Robots From Human Cells

Scientists have engineered tiny robots made from human cells, called anthrobots, that can potentially heal wounds, regenerate tissue, and treat diseases. Using adult human cells, these bio-bots can self-assemble, move on their own, and help repair damaged regions of neurons. They show immense potential for therapeutic applications and can safely biodegrade within 60 days. The […]



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