Bard can now watch YouTube videos for you


In the world of AI, Google’s chatbot Bard is making waves. After a lackluster start, Bard has been upping its game and now boasts a YouTube integration that can analyze videos without pressing play. Imagine never having to sit through another preroll ad or scroll through the video description for the recipe you desperately need. Bard has your back!


To put Bard to the test, one brave soul turned to a video for an Espresso Martini recipe. With a few prompts, Bard effortlessly provided a full list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. Impressive! However, this convenience comes at a cost. The publisher of the video, America’s Test Kitchen, has already published the recipe on its website, but behind a pesky paywall. By bypassing the video and using Bard, users are potentially depriving creators of valuable engagement and revenue.


Currently, Bard’s YouTube integration is in the experimental stages, requiring specific prompts and extra effort to retrieve the desired information. Nevertheless, it raises important questions about the future of content consumption and the impact on creators. Google will need to address these concerns if it wants to keep YouTube creators happy and content flowing.


So, while Bard may be a helpful companion in the kitchen, let’s hope Google finds a way to balance the benefits for users and creators alike. After all, a well-made cocktail is a work of art that deserves its fair share of attention, even in the age of AI.


Key Points:

  • Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, has been steadily improving and now has a YouTube integration that can analyze videos without playing them.
  • Bard correctly summarizes videos and provides accurate information, like ingredients and instructions.
  • However, this feature could potentially impact creators and publishers, as users can skip watching videos and accessing paywalled content.
  • Currently, this feature is only available as an opt-in Labs experience and requires specific prompts to generate the desired information.
  • Google will need to address the potential impact on YouTube creators if this tool becomes more widely available.



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