Day: November 22, 2023

OpenAI’s initial new board counts Larry Summers among its ranks

Well, it seems like OpenAI has had quite the rollercoaster ride in the past few days. After firing Sam Altman as CEO, the company has now reached an agreement “in principle” for him to make a grand comeback. Talk about a dramatic twist! Altman will be accompanied by a new initial board, featuring some big […]

Osium AI uses artificial intelligence to speed up materials innovation

French startup Osium AI has raised $2.6 million in seed funding to tackle a unique use case for artificial intelligence: research and development in materials science. Co-founders Sarah Najmark and Luisa Bouneder noticed the manual and time-consuming nature of materials development, with a heavy reliance on trial and error. Osium AI aims to optimize this […]

Sam Altman to return as CEO of OpenAI

In a surprising turn of events, Sam Altman is making a comeback as CEO of OpenAI, triumphing over a boardroom coup that threw the company into disarray. Former president Greg Brockman, who dramatically resigned in protest of Altman’s firing, will also be returning. It seems like OpenAI is reassembling the Avengers of its leadership team. […]

Google Assistant with Bard: Tech giant will rebrand its assistant app, but it won’t support all features in classic app

Google is stepping up its AI game with the introduction of Bard, its new AI assistant chatbot. Bard is set to bring generative AI to YouTube and is packed with all sorts of fancy AI features. However, here’s the catch: Bard won’t support all the features currently available in the Classic Assistant. So, users might […]

Forget Siri. Turn your iPhone’s ‘Action Button’ into a ChatGPT voice assistant instead

Attention iPhone users! OpenAI’s ChatGPT Voice feature is now available for free, giving you the perfect opportunity to ditch Siri and upgrade to a smarter voice assistant. No offense to Siri, but ChatGPT is like Siri on steroids. And who doesn’t want a vocal assistant that’s been hitting the gym?   To take advantage of […]

Autonomous excavator constructs a six-metre-high dry-stone wall

Researchers from ETH Zurich have created an autonomous excavator named HEAP that can build a six-meter-high and sixty-five-meter-long dry-stone wall. The excavator uses sensors to map the construction site and locate building blocks and stones, and then uses specially designed tools to scan, grab, and place the stones in the desired location. The project was […]

The Pentagon is moving toward letting AI weapons autonomously decide to kill humans
Bard can now watch YouTube videos for you

In the world of AI, Google’s chatbot Bard is making waves. After a lackluster start, Bard has been upping its game and now boasts a YouTube integration that can analyze videos without pressing play. Imagine never having to sit through another preroll ad or scroll through the video description for the recipe you desperately need. […]

Meet the first Spanish AI model who earns up to €10,000 per month

In the world of fashion and influencer marketing, things are getting a little… virtual. Meet Aitana, a 25-year-old pink-haired model from Barcelona who has been causing quite a stir in the industry. But here’s the twist: she isn’t real. Nope, she was created by a group of designers using the power of artificial intelligence. Talk […]



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