Meet the first Spanish AI model who earns up to €10,000 per month


In the world of fashion and influencer marketing, things are getting a little… virtual. Meet Aitana, a 25-year-old pink-haired model from Barcelona who has been causing quite a stir in the industry. But here’s the twist: she isn’t real. Nope, she was created by a group of designers using the power of artificial intelligence. Talk about being ahead of the curve, Aitana’s designers at The Clueless agency decided to take matters into their own hands when they were facing a slow period with not many clients. So they thought, why not create their own influencer? And voila, Aitana was born.


Now, you might be thinking, how does a virtual model make a living? Well, Aitana is quite the entrepreneur. She earns up to €10,000 a month (that’s more than most of us can dream of) by starring in ads, becoming the face of brands, and even uploading photos of herself in lingerie to a platform called Fanvue. And get this, she’s gained over 121,000 followers on Instagram. I mean, I struggle to get more than 10 likes on my cat pictures. But here’s the real kicker, Aitana receives private messages from celebrities who have no idea she’s just a bundle of algorithms and pixels. I bet she’s got quite the secret admirer list going on.


But how do you bring an AI model to life? Well, it turns out it’s not as glamorous as you might think. A team of experts meets every week to decide on Aitana’s activities, places she’ll visit, and even the photos she’ll upload. It’s like playing The Sims, but with a virtual supermodel. They’ve even given her a personality, making her a fitness enthusiast with a complex character. Hey, no one said being an AI model was easy.


Aitana’s success has been so big that her designers have already created a second virtual model called Maia. And brands are jumping on the bandwagon, wanting their own personalized AI models. Who needs real people when you can have an image that represents your brand values without any pesky continuity issues? Plus, it’s more cost-effective. Sorry, Kim Kardashian, but Aitana is giving you a run for your money.


Of course, this whole virtual model phenomenon isn’t without its critics. Some worry about the unrealistic beauty standards and sexualized image that these AI models perpetuate. But the agency argues that they’re just following the aesthetic set by real influencers and brands themselves. So, it seems like we’re caught in a bit of a chicken or egg situation here. But one thing’s for sure, AI is taking over the fashion world, one pixel at a time.



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