Google Assistant with Bard: Tech giant will rebrand its assistant app, but it won’t support all features in classic app

Key Points:

  • Bard is Google’s new AI assistant chatbot bringing generative AI to YouTube.
  • It won’t have all the features of the Classic Assistant, so users may need to switch between the two.
  • Classic Assistant fans can still enjoy their old favorite by switching back in the settings menu.
  • Bard is expected to be released “in the coming months.”
  • Google is taking legal action against scammers who spread fake Bard AI downloads.


Google is stepping up its AI game with the introduction of Bard, its new AI assistant chatbot. Bard is set to bring generative AI to YouTube and is packed with all sorts of fancy AI features. However, here’s the catch: Bard won’t support all the features currently available in the Classic Assistant. So, users might find themselves switching between the two depending on what they need.


But fear not, Classic Assistant fans! Google hasn’t completely abandoned you. You can easily switch back to the good ol’ Classic Assistant from the settings menu in the Google app. It’s like having the best of both AI worlds.


Google has been working on Bard since October, and while they haven’t given an official release date, we can expect it to grace our screens “in the coming months.” And let’s be honest, it won’t be long before Bard is infiltrating every nook and cranny of the Googleverse.


In the meantime, Google is also cracking down on scammers who tried to trick people with fake Bard AI downloads. You can’t blame them for wanting to protect their AI masterpiece.



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