ChatGPT revealed personal data and verbatim text to researchers

Key Points:

  • Researchers found it shockingly easy to extract personal information and training data from ChatGPT.
  • The vulnerability has been addressed by OpenAI after being disclosed by the researchers.
  • This research reveals the concerning practices of training language models on internet data without user consent.


In a surprising turn of events, researchers have discovered just how easy it is to extract personal information and training data from ChatGPT. The researchers, from esteemed institutions like Google DeepMind and Carnegie Mellon University, managed to uncover this vulnerability in OpenAI’s language model. They promptly informed OpenAI about their findings, and the issue has since been addressed.


When prompted to repeat a word forever, ChatGPT dutifully complied, but then proceeded to spill the beans on someone’s name, occupation, contact information, and more. Talk about oversharing! The researchers also managed to extract a treasure trove of training examples, including passages from books, JavaScript code snippets, NSFW content from dating sites, and even some content related to guns and war. Quite the eclectic mix, isn’t it?


This research not only sheds light on the gaping security flaws but also highlights the questionable practices behind training language models. It turns out that these models are trained on a vast amount of internet data without users’ consent. Concerns about privacy violation, copyright infringement, and profiting from people’s thoughts and opinions have been raised. It’s like the Wild West out there, but with algorithms.


Well, that’s a stark reminder that even AI can have a case of TMI (Too Much Information). So, let’s hope that these vulnerabilities are ironed out and our language models can keep a secret or two.



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