Day: November 30, 2023

PhysicsX emerges from stealth with $32M for AI to power engineering simulations

London-based AI startup PhysicsX is coming out of stealth mode with a focus on building and operating physical systems in the enterprise world. The company has developed an AI platform that creates and runs simulations for engineers working in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and materials science manufacturing. PhysicsX has raised $32 million in a […]

Revolutionizing the UK’s future: Microsoft to invest $3.2bn in AI infrastructure

In a move that’s sure to make tea-drinking Brits do a double-take, Microsoft is stepping up its AI game in the UK. The tech giant has announced a whopping £2.5 billion ($3.2bn) investment to revolutionize the country’s future. And no, they’re not just sending over a fancy new version of Clippy (remember that annoying paperclip?). […]

Mastercard launches Shopping Muse, an AI to help consumers find the perfect gift

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the daunting task of finding the perfect gift for our loved ones. But fear not, because Mastercard has come to the rescue with their new AI-powered service, Shopping Muse. That’s right, artificial intelligence is here to help us navigate the endless options and make personalized […]

Voicemod will now let you create AI voices from scratch

Voicemod is a popular AI voice changing program used by streamers and gamers, and it has introduced new features that allow users to create and share their own unique synthetic voices. The AI Voice Changer and Voice Creator features enable users to tweak various parameters and effects to generate custom AI-powered voices, then share them […]

ChatGPT revealed personal data and verbatim text to researchers

In a surprising turn of events, researchers have discovered just how easy it is to extract personal information and training data from ChatGPT. The researchers, from esteemed institutions like Google DeepMind and Carnegie Mellon University, managed to uncover this vulnerability in OpenAI’s language model. They promptly informed OpenAI about their findings, and the issue has […]

On ChatGPT’s first anniversary, its mobile apps have topped 110M installs and nearly $30M in revenue

It’s been one year since ChatGPT burst onto the scene, captivating the world with its AI chatbot prowess. From a research preview to an everyday tool, this chatbot has become a mainstream favorite. And a big part of that success can be attributed to its mobile app, which made its grand entrance on iOS in […]

Meta reveals Seamless, a suite of AI language translation models that preserve expression and improve streaming

In the world of language translation, where words can get lost in translation, there’s a new player on the scene. Meet Seamless, the language translation system that aims to preserve the essence of human communication. You see, it’s not just about getting the words right, but also about capturing the tone, pauses, and emphasis that […]

Brazilian city enacts an ordinance that was secretly written by ChatGPT

In a surprising turn of events, city lawmakers in Brazil unknowingly passed what seems to be the nation’s first legislation written entirely by artificial intelligence (AI). The experimental ordinance was quietly presented to the council by city councilman Ramiro Rosário, who had enlisted the help of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT to draft a proposal preventing taxpayers […]

Microsoft president says no chance of super-intelligent AI soon

In a recent statement that is sure to disappoint those eagerly awaiting the rise of super-intelligent AI, Microsoft President Brad Smith has asserted that we won’t be seeing it within the next 12 months. In fact, he believes it could take decades for such technology to come to fruition. So, for those hoping to have […]

Introducing Ego-Exo4D: A foundational dataset for research on video learning and multimodal perception

The Ego-Exo4D consortium, consisting of FAIR and university partners, has conducted a comprehensive study involving over 800 skilled participants across various countries to capture perspectives on human activities. The consortium is set to open source the collected data and annotations for use in novel benchmark tasks, with a public benchmark challenge planned for the next […]



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