Day: January 5, 2024

Voice cloning tech to power 2024 political ads as disinformation concerns grow

The use of AI in the 2024 US elections raises concerns about disinformation, but AI voice cloning startups, like Instreamatic, are entering the political advertising arena. Instreamatic’s AI audio/video ad platform allows candidate campaigns to quickly generate highly-targeted AI-driven contextual video and audio ads that adapt to changing events or locations.   Stas Tushinskiy, CEO […]

Nabla raises another $24 million for its AI assistant for doctors that automatically writes clinical notes

Nabla, a Paris-based startup, has raised a $24 million Series B funding round led by Cathay Innovation, reaching a valuation of $180 million. The company recently entered into a large-scale partnership with Permanente Medical Group, a division of U.S. healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente. Nabla has developed an AI copilot for doctors and medical staff, using […]

These AI-powered apps can hear the cause of a cough

The race to develop medical apps that can use vocal cues to diagnose health conditions is heating up. Researchers are working on making a publicly available database to validate these studies, which may help in diagnosing various health issues through voice analysis. While AI tools show promise in the lab, their real-world effectiveness may be […]

Android users could soon replace Google Assistant with ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is gearing up to take over the premium phone space occupied by Google’s voice assistant. Recent findings from Android Authority reveal that ChatGPT is in the works to support Android’s voice assistant APIs and a system-wide overlay UI.   Now, what could this mean for us Android aficionados? If ChatGPT rolls out this […]

Anthropic Says It Won’t Use Your Private Data to Train Its AI

Anthropic, a leading generative AI startup, has announced that it will not use its clients’ data to train its Large Language Model (LLM) and will defend users facing copyright claims. The company’s updated commercial terms emphasize its commitment to customer data privacy and ownership of AI outputs, differentiating it from competitors like OpenAI, Amazon, and […]



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