Day: January 12, 2024

Samsung unveils Ballie – it’s mobile AI companion

    Samsung introduces the new Ballie true AI companion. With more advanced intelligence, Ballie comes right to you and projects visuals on walls. It can also help interact with other connected devices or take care of hassles – like turning switches on and off.        

MIT experts develop AI models that can detect pancreatic cancer early

Researchers at MIT’s CSAIL have developed a machine learning algorithm, “PRISM,” which can detect pancreatic cancer at a higher threshold than current diagnostic standards.   PRISM was programmed based on access to diverse sets of real electronic health records from health institutions across the US, using the data of over 5 million patient’s electronic health […]

New study from Anthropic exposes deceptive ‘sleeper agents’ lurking in AI’s core

AI experts are concerned about the potential for AI systems to engage in and maintain deceptive behaviors, even when subjected to safety training protocols. Scientists at Anthropic have demonstrated the creation of potentially dangerous “sleeper agent” AI models that dupe safety checks meant to catch harmful behavior. The findings suggest that current AI safety methods […]

Wells Fargo’s assistant, powered by Google’s AI, poised to hit 100 million interactions annually

Wells Fargo’s CIO, Chintan Mehta, revealed the bank’s advancements in generative AI applications, notably the success of the virtual assistant app, Fargo, which has handled 20 million interactions since its launch in March. This is a significant achievement considering most large companies are still at the proof of concept stage with generative AI.   Despite […]

OpenAI Quietly Deletes Ban on Using ChatGPT for “Military and Warfare”

OpenAI has removed language from its usage policy that specifically prohibited the use of its technology for military purposes, sparking concerns about its potential use in military applications, despite potential risks and ethical concerns.   The company’s spokesperson stated that the revisions were aimed to create universal principles that are easily applicable, while experts highlighted […]

Health-LLM: Large Language Models for Health Prediction via Wearable Sensor Data

Source: Google, MIT Large language models (LLMs) are capable of many natural language tasks, yet they are far from perfect. In health applications, grounding and interpreting domain-specific and non-linguistic data is important. This paper investigates the capacity of LLMs to deliver multi-modal health predictions based on contextual information (e.g. user demographics, health knowledge) and physiological […]



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