Day: January 24, 2024

Leaked EU AI Act is ‘a wake-up call for organisations’

In a rush to regulate AI, the European Union published the final version of the EU’s AI Act. The leak of the 892-page document raises concerns about potential hindrances to innovation and challenges businesses and organizations to prepare for compliance. With a focus on the global impact, the regulation could lead to a surge in […]

Oracle’s new offerings bring AI to your data, and manage it too

Oracle has announced the general availability of OCI Generative AI Services, a managed service geared toward enterprise users who want to leverage generative AI without moving their data from existing Oracle databases.   OCI Generative AI Services is designed to allow enterprises to build generative AI applications on top of their existing data store, making […]

Better Call GPT, Comparing Large Language Models Against Lawyers

This paper presents a groundbreaking comparison between Large Language Models and traditional legal contract reviewers, Junior Lawyers and Legal Process Outsourcers. We dissect whether LLMs can outperform humans in accuracy, speed, and cost efficiency during contract review. Our empirical analysis benchmarks LLMs against a ground truth set by Senior Lawyers, uncovering that advanced models match […]



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