Day: March 5, 2024

Anthropic’s Claude 3 knew when researchers were testing it

Anthropic, a San Francisco startup founded by ex-OpenAI engineers and spearheaded by siblings Daniela and Dario Amodei, has introduced a new family of large language models (LLMs), labeled Claude 3. This development, boasting superiority over OpenAI’s GPT-4 on numerous key benchmarks, marks a significant milestone in AI advancement. Notably, Amazon swiftly integrated Claude 3 Sonnet, […]

Microsoft’s new Orca-Math AI outperforms models 10x larger

Microsoft Research has unveiled Orca-Math, a groundbreaking variant of Mistral’s Mistral 7B model focused on excelling in math word problems. Arindam Mitra, a senior researcher at Microsoft, shared that Orca-Math outperforms most 7-70 billion parameter-sized AI models at the GSM8K benchmark, designed by OpenAI for middle-school-level math.   The impressive aspect of Orca-Math is its […]

Chinese researchers aim to replicate Open AI’s Sora text-to-video capabilities

Chinese researchers from Peking University and AI company Rabbitpre have launched the Open-Sora project aiming to replicate OpenAI’s text-to-video model, Sora, in a more accessible and scalable way with community involvement. The project has made notable progress by developing a three-part framework and showcasing four video demonstrations of varying resolutions and durations. Future goals include […]

The Public Is Rapidly Turning Against AI, Polling Shows

A recent poll by consulting firm Edelman, surveying 32,000 global respondents, reveals a decline in public trust towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) less than 18 months into the so-called “AI revolution.” Despite claims from Silicon Valley about AI trustworthiness, various polls, including Edelman’s, hint at a lack of consensus regarding AI’s beneficial impact, leading to a […]

Waymo launches driverless rides for employees in Austin

Waymo is pushing the boundaries of autonomous vehicle technology by initiating driverless operations in Austin, Texas. Beginning tomorrow, the company will introduce self-driving vehicles without safety operators in a designated 43-square-mile area encompassing various neighborhoods and downtown Austin. This milestone marks a significant progression towards opening the program to the general public. Waymo’s foray into […]

Ema, a ‘Universal AI employee,’ emerges from stealth with $25M

Ema, a San Francisco-based startup, has recently emerged from stealth mode with an AI product aiming to revolutionize how businesses operate. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Surojit Chatterjee, envisions creating a universal AI employee to automate mundane tasks and free up employees for more strategic work.   With impressive backing from investors and customers, Ema […]

Microsoft argues Supreme Court’s VCR ruling should doom NYT’s OpenAI lawsuit

In a legal battle reminiscent of the 1980s VCR controversy, Microsoft has urged a federal court to dismiss part of The New York Times’ copyright lawsuit against itself and OpenAI. The tech giant drew parallels between the movie industry’s attempts to halt VCR technology and the NYT lawsuit, alleging that both center on copyright infringement […]



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