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Databricks and Credo AI unite for responsible, compliant AI at scale

Credo AI, known for its AI governance platform, has partnered with Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to enable Databricks customers to track and manage AI risk and compliance at scale, providing transparency about their AI systems throughout the development lifecycle.   The integration will leverage Databricks’ MLFlow to automatically translate model metrics and metadata into required […]

OpenAI announces team to build ‘crowdsourced’ governance ideas into its models

OpenAI, a leading AI startup, has announced the formation of a Collective Alignment team to gather and incorporate public input on its AI models’ behaviors. This move aims to ensure that OpenAI’s future AI models align with the values of humanity.   The team is an extension of OpenAI’s democratic inputs program, which awards grants […]

Many AI governance tools include faulty AI fixes, report finds

The World Privacy Forum’s report on AI governance tools reveals substantial issues with the current state of these tools. A review of 18 AI governance tools used by governments and multilateral organizations found that over a third of them include “faulty fixes,” which can undermine the trustworthiness of AI systems. The report points out that […]



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