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ElevenLabs Block on Cloning Biden’s Voice Easily Bypassed

ElevenLabs, a highly anticipated AI startup, has implemented a new ‘no-go voices’ policy following a concerning incident in which its technology was utilized in a robocall impersonating President Biden. Despite this purported safeguard, investigative tests conducted by 404 Media have unveiled loopholes that allow malicious actors to bypass these protections. This revelation highlights potential weaknesses […]

Biden appoints AI Safety Institute leaders as NIST funding concerns linger

The Biden administration has appointed Elizabeth Kelly, a key figure behind the President’s AI Executive Order, as the director of the US AI Safety Institute at NIST, along with Elham Tabassi as the chief technology officer. NIST, responsible for releasing an AI risk management framework and tasked with evaluating AI technologies, has been given significant […]

Officials Investigating AI-Powered Joe Biden Calling People in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, a series of robocalls targeting Democrats used a fake Biden voice to tell people not to vote in the state’s presidential primaries, prompting an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office.   The robocalls appear to be an attempt to disrupt efforts to get people to vote for Biden in the Democratic primary, […]



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