Nvidia CEO Jensen says, ‘Our life goal is not to build CUDA GPUs’ — notes the company changed its mission but never changed the name.

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, discussed the evolving role of GPUs beyond graphics and their place in the future of the industry at the Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association (CASPA) 2023 Dinner Banquet. He emphasized the multi-purpose nature of GPUs and their adaptability to address various computing challenges, including AI workloads.   Huang acknowledged the […]

Intel CEO attacks Nvidia on AI: ‘The entire industry is motivated to eliminate the CUDA market’

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger introduced new datacenter chips and emphasized the importance of inference technology over Nvidia’s CUDA technology for AI. Gelsinger stated that CUDA’s dominance in training may not last, and Intel believes that the future of AI lies in inference. He also highlighted Intel’s focus on OpenVINO and its ability to compete in […]

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