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This new AI tool from Adobe makes generating the images you need even simpler

Adobe recently introduced Structure Reference capabilities in its text-to-image generator, Firefly, at the Adobe Summit event. This new feature allows users to input an image as a template for the artificial intelligence (AI) model to follow when creating a new image. Users can adjust the “strength” of the reference, controlling how closely the new image […]

Adobe is making it easier to create social content on mobile with AI

Adobe has unveiled the latest version of its Adobe Express app in beta, enhancing the mobile content creation experience by integrating Firefly AI models. This update empowers users to efficiently craft and modify social content through generative AI tools directly within the app, streamlining the design process. Notably, this move positions Adobe to better compete […]

Adobe Firefly repeats the same AI blunders as Google Gemini

Adobe’s new AI image creation tool, Firefly, has landed in controversy for replicating mistakes made by Google’s now-defunct Gemini tool. Gemini faced backlash for generating historically inaccurate images, such as portraying America’s Founding Fathers as Black and omitting white individuals. Following public criticism, Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged the missteps and ceased Gemini’s operations.   […]



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