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Mercedes-Benz to Put AI in Its Assembly Line Robots

German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has announced a partnership with Austin-based AI developer Apptronik to introduce artificial intelligence to its factory robots. This collaboration marks Apptronik’s first commercial contract to deploy its Apollo humanoid robots in real-world settings, particularly in the automotive industry. Apollo, standing at nearly six feet tall, weighing 160 lbs, and capable of […]

Mercedes-Benz’s best-in-class voice assistant is getting an AI boost

Mercedes-Benz is introducing generative AI to enhance its in-car voice assistant, creating a more human-like and personalized experience for drivers. The upgraded MBUX Virtual Assistant will run on the next-generation MB.OS operating system, offering features such as predictive behavior and personalized responses. The company aims to provide natural interactions and minimize distractions for drivers. Mercedes-Benz […]

Mercedes Gets Approval For Turquoise Automated Driving Lights So Cops Won’t Pull You Over For Watching A Movie

Mercedes-Benz has become the first automaker to receive approval to sell a Level 3 automated driving system in the United States. The system, named Drive Pilot, allows hands-off and eyes-off driving in traffic jam situations up to 40 mph, with the use of turquoise-colored exterior marker lights to indicate active automated driving. This revolutionary advancement […]



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