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DeepMind taps the power of its AI to accelerate quantum computers

Google DeepMind and UK-based Quantinuum have collaborated to advance the development of quantum computers by tackling a crucial challenge: reducing the number of T gates, which are vital but resource-intensive components in quantum circuits. Through their joint effort, they introduced AlphaTensor-Quantum, an AI model that combines deep reinforcement learning with tensor decomposition to optimize T-count. […]

US firm plans to build 10,000 qubit quantum computer by 2026

QuEra Computing is gearing up to release a 10,000 qubit quantum behemoth by 2026. In a move that could challenge tech giants like IBM, the company recently teased its upcoming 10 logical qubit machine slated to hit the scene before the year wraps up.

Quantum Computing’s Hard, Cold Reality Check

Quantum computing has been heavily hyped as a solution for various problems, but skepticism is growing about the actual practical applications of the technology in the near future. Prominent figures including Meta’s Yann LeCun and leading figures in the field have raised concerns about the unrealistic expectations for quantum computing.   The challenges facing today’s […]

IBM releases 1,000+ qubit processor, roadmap to error correction

IBM has produced two quantum systems, Condor and Heron, which are significant advancements in quantum processors. The roadmap includes error-corrected qubits by the end of the decade. The focus is on improving qubit quality, gate performance, and connectivity for useful error correction.



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