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Alibaba’s new AI system ‘EMO’ creates realistic talking and singing videos from photos

Alibaba’s Institute for Intelligent Computing unveils their groundbreaking artificial intelligence system, EMO (Emote Portrait Alive), capable of bringing portrait photos to life with realistic animations. Detailed in a research paper on arXiv, EMO excels in generating lifelike facial movements and head poses synchronized with an audio track, a significant leap in audio-driven talking head video […]

Chinese Tech Giant Alibaba Unveils New AI Video Tool

Alibaba Cloud, a major player in the tech industry, has released a cutting-edge AI tool known as I2VGen-XL, which converts text to high-resolution videos using advanced cascaded diffusion models, showcasing both visual and contextual coherence.   The release of I2VGen-XL reflects the ongoing global AI arms race, as the US and China compete for technological […]

Alibaba’s ‘Animate Anyone’ Is Trained on Scraped Videos of Famous TikTokers

Chinese retail giant Alibaba has released a new image-to-video model called ‘Animate Anyone’, which has gained attention for its potential to replace TikTok personalities. The model takes TikTok dance videos as input and creates AI-generated replicas of the dances. While the results are slightly worse than the originals, as with all AI advancements, it is […]



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