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AI chip startup Groq forms new business unit, acquires Definitive Intelligence

Groq, a secretive semiconductor startup known for developing chips to accelerate generative AI models, is expanding its focus towards enterprise and the public sector. The company has introduced a new division, Groq Systems, with the aim of broadening its customer and developer ecosystem. Groq Systems will target organizations, including government agencies, interested in integrating Groq’s […]

AI chip race: Groq CEO takes on Nvidia, claims most startups will use speedy LPUs by end of 2024

Nvidia’s recent staggering earnings results, soaring 265% from a year ago, have captivated the tech world. However, don’t overlook Groq, a Silicon Valley-based startup making waves with its innovative AI chips for large language model (LLM) inference. Groq experienced a viral moment when CEO Matt Shumer showcased their tech providing lightning-fast answers through a public […]

Groq creates fastest generative AI in the world, blazing past ChatGpt and Elon Musk’s Grok

Groq, a California-based startup founded in 2016, is making waves with its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) model, which boasts exceptional speed and efficiency. Unlike traditional AI models reliant on graphics processing units (GPUs), Groq utilizes its own language processing units (LPUs), enabling faster and more cost-effective operations. The company’s breakthrough technology has positioned it as […]



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