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What comes after Stable Diffusion? Stable Cascade could be Stability AI’s future text-to-image generative AI model

Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion text-to-image AI, is teasing a new innovation dubbed Stable Cascade that promises to level up image generation. This novel architecture, inspired by the Würstchen model, aims to be more agile and precise than its predecessor, the SDXL lineup. The secret sauce? A latent diffusion technique that crafts a […]

Stable Video Diffusion is now available through Stability AI API

Stability AI, known for its Stable Diffusion text-to-image generator, has unveiled its new foundation image-to-video model, Stable Video Diffusion (SVD), accessible through its developer platform and API. This release aims to provide developers with an efficient way to integrate advanced video generation into their products. The offering competes with video generation models from Runway and […]

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