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Elon Musk implies that Tesla’s procuring AMD’s Instinct MI300 for AI

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has announced that the company will spend billions on AI processors for its artificial intelligence training workloads, with a significant portion earmarked for Nvidia’s AI GPUs. The company is also considering hardware from AMD, which offers various AI accelerators.   A data center full of Tesla’s Dojo processors is projected […]

AMD’s customers begin receiving the first Instinct MI300X AI GPUs — the company’s toughest competitor to Nvidia’s AI dominance is now shipping

LaminiAI CEO Sharon Zhou shared exciting news that AMD has commenced shipping its Instinct MI300X GPUs, specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. LaminiAI, a company set to utilize these accelerators for large language models (LLMs), is among the first to receive multiple machines equipped with these GPUs. The Instinct MI300X, […]

Nvidia is firing back at AMD, claims Nvidia H100 Is 2X faster than AMD’s MI300X

In a recent launch event, AMD claimed its latest GPU for AI and high-performance computing is faster than Nvidia’s equivalent GPU. However, Nvidia has responded, asserting that its H100-based machines are actually faster when properly optimized. Nvidia emphasized the importance of optimized software, robust parallel computing, versatile tools, refined algorithms, and great hardware for high […]

Essential AI emerges from stealth with backing from Google, Nvidia and AMD

San Francisco-based startup has emerged from stealth with $56.5 million in series A funding. Co-founded by former Google employees with expertise in AI, the company aims to deepen the partnership between humans and computers. Their goal is to launch LLM-driven, full-stack AI products that automate time-consuming workflows and increase productivity. Their innovative approach and the […]

AMD releases new chips to power faster AI training

AMD has announced new accelerators and processors, the Instinct MI300X accelerator and the Instinct M1300A accelerated processing unit (APU), aimed at running large language models (LLMs). These products offer better memory capacity and improved energy efficiency, positioning AMD as a significant contender in the AI chip market. AMD has partnered with Microsoft to provide MI300X […]



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