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Chinese Women Say AI Boyfriends Are “Better Than a Real Man”

In China, a trend is emerging where young women are turning to AI chatbots for romance and companionship, sometimes finding them to be better conversationalists than human partners. These AI boyfriends, customized through various chatbot apps like “Glow” by the Shanghai startup MiniMax, are providing emotional support and understanding to users like Tufei from Xi’an. […]

AI use on dating apps rising, 1 in 4 Americans use to enhance profile

According to a new study by cybersecurity firm McAfee, while AI is helping people boost their dating game, it’s also fueling a surge in romance scams and fake profiles. In a survey of 7,000 adults across seven countries, McAfee discovered that 23% of Americans are using AI to spice up their dating profiles and messages, […]

After Breakups, the Brokenhearted Are Creating AI Clones of Their Exes

In a world where the line between man and machine blurs, heartbreak finds a new friend in artificial intelligence. The alluring promise of virtual companionship beckons the lovelorn to plug their ex’s emails and texts into AI models, fostering relationships with digital simulacrums. From the eerie ‘Talk to Your Ex’ app to Redditors crafting AI […]



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