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EU regulators pass the planet’s first sweeping AI regulations

The European Parliament has approved groundbreaking legislation aimed at regulating artificial intelligence (AI) after nearly three years of deliberation since the initial proposal. The AI Act, which received 523 votes in favor and 46 against with 49 abstentions, aims to safeguard fundamental rights and foster innovation while positioning Europe as a leader in AI development. […]

Google launches €25M AI drive to ‘empower’ Europe’s workforce

Google’s recent €25mn training program aims to equip Europe’s workforce with AI skills to navigate the future job market. Targeting vulnerable communities, the initiative offers tailored AI training and support to address widening inequalities. Partnering with social enterprises and nonprofits, Google seeks to ensure inclusivity in AI adoption.   With a focus on granting foundational […]

EU agrees ‘historic’ deal with world’s first laws to regulate AI

The European Parliament and EU member states have agreed on the world’s first comprehensive laws to regulate artificial intelligence, which also cover social media and search engines. The laws aim to protect the public from potential threats posed by AI and are seen as “historic” by European Commissioner Thierry Breton. They put the EU ahead […]

EU ‘final’ talks to fix AI rules to run into second day — but deal on foundational models is on the table

European Union lawmakers have reached a preliminary agreement on how to regulate artificial intelligence, specifically concerning rules for foundational models/general purpose AIs (GPAIs). The agreement retains elements of the tiered approach to regulating these advanced AIs proposed earlier this year, with some exceptions for open source advanced AIs.   These developments in AI regulation in […]



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