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Meta is stuffing its AI chatbot into your Instagram DMs

Meta AI, Meta’s general-purpose, AI-powered chatbot, has made its debut on Instagram, offering users the ability to ask questions, write poetry, and generate images through simple text prompts. The introduction of Meta AI to Instagram follows its unveiling in September 2023 and subsequent integration into other Meta-owned platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.   Although […]

Meta will require labels on more AI-generated content

Meta is updating its policy regarding AI-generated content on Instagram, Facebook, and Threads by introducing a new “Made with AI” label starting in May. The company admits that its current policy is too narrow and will now expand it to include more video, audio, and image content. This decision follows recommendations from Meta’s Oversight Board, […]

Meta will add AI labels to Facebook, Instagram, and Threads

In a world where reality and AI blend seamlessly, Meta takes a stand against deceptive images. Generative AI’s prowess in crafting realistic visuals raises the stakes for authenticity. Meta’s move to introduce AI-generated image labels across its platforms sends a clear message: discerning the real from the artificial is crucial.   By collaborating with industry […]

Instagram now offers AI-generated backgrounds on Stories

Instagram has launched a new generative AI-powered tool called backdrop, allowing users to create customized backgrounds for their Stories. This feature lets users generate various backgrounds, from being “surrounded by puppies” to “chased by dinosaurs.” However, the generated content will be labeled as AI·Backdrop by Instagram, creating a fun and creative way for users to […]



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