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AI won’t replace your job yet because it’s still too expensive, according to MIT

Artificial intelligence (AI) developments are advancing rapidly, causing concerns about job security, but a new MIT study suggests that the cost of deploying AI technology currently makes it more economical for employers to retain human workers for visual tasks.   The MIT study, “Beyond AI Exposure,” considers the overlooked factor of cost when assessing AI’s […]

Using AI, researchers identify a new class of antibiotic candidates that can kill a drug-resistant bacterium

The antibiotic crisis may be seeing a glimmer of hope as MIT researchers harness the power of deep learning to unearth a groundbreaking class of compounds with the potential to combat drug-resistant bacteria. In a world plagued by the menacing threat of antibiotic resistance, the discovery of novel antibiotics is akin to finding a treasure […]

An AI Tool Just Revealed Almost 200 New Systems for CRISPR Gene Editing

CRISPR is a gene editing system that scientists are continually searching to improve. A team at MIT and Harvard used AI to narrow down billions of genetic sequences to find potential new CRISPR-based systems. They discovered thousands of new biological parts, some of which could provide better precision and fewer side effects in gene editing. […]

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