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NYC’s AI gun detectors hardly work

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently announced a plan to deploy AI gun detectors at subway stations, a move met with initial enthusiasm but later skepticism from critics, notably the Legal Aid Society. The technology by Evolv Technologies, previously tested at a hospital in the Bronx, produced a staggering number of false positives during […]

This Is a Sputnik Moment’: NYC Is Adding AI Metal Detectors to the Subway

NYC Mayor Eric Adams introduced a plan to boost subway safety by implementing AI-powered metal detectors to identify guns on individuals without flagging non-threatening items like phones. Despite a slightly delayed response, the detectors performed well during a recent demonstration. Produced by Evolv, the detectors utilize AI technology to differentiate between various metal objects quickly. […]

NYC ends trial run of Times Square subway’s security robot

The New York Police Department’s high-tech experiment involving the Knightscope K5 robot at the Times Square subway station has come to an end. The 400-pound machine was deployed in a pilot last year to enhance commuter safety but had limited practical capabilities.



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