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Rabbit partners with ElevenLabs to power voice commands on its device

Hardware maker Rabbit has partnered with ElevenLabs to integrate voice command capabilities into its devices, including the upcoming Rabbit r1 set to launch next month. ElevenLabs’ technology will empower users to interact with the pocket AI device through voice commands and receive responses in a human-like manner. The initial launch will offer English language support […]

The Rabbit R1 will receive live info from Perplexity’s AI ‘answer engine’

CES 2024 is buzzing with excitement over the latest announcement from Rabbit, a $199 AI gadget designed by Teenage Engineering. The partnership with Perplexity promises to revolutionize the device by providing live, up-to-date answers without any knowledge cutoff. The collaboration aims to offer a seamless user experience, with the first 100,000 purchases of the Rabbit […]

Rabbit sells out 10,000 units of its R1 pocket AI companion in one day

The pocket-size Rabbit R1 gadget that is designed to perform tasks via apps has quickly sold out from its first batch, with 10,000 units sold in just one day after its launch. Despite initially aiming to sell 500 devices on launch day, the company exceeded expectations by 20 times, signaling strong consumer interest and demand. […]



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