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Mark Zuckerberg woos Big Tech in Asia to double down on AI chips

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been actively engaging in discussions with tech leaders in Asia, aiming to enhance cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and semiconductor technology. During his visit to South Korea, Zuckerberg expressed Meta’s interest in bolstering collaboration with Samsung Electronics to develop AI chips as a strategic move to mitigate […]

Samsung unveils Ballie – it’s mobile AI companion

    Samsung introduces the new Ballie true AI companion. With more advanced intelligence, Ballie comes right to you and projects visuals on walls. It can also help interact with other connected devices or take care of hassles – like turning switches on and off.        

Samsung fires off new generation of AI-driven 8K OLED TVs

Samsung unveiled a new generation of TVs and OLED screens ahead of CES 2024, showcasing features in accessibility, sustainability, free content, connectivity, and security. The lineup includes Neo QLED 8K TVs, Neo QLED 4K TVs, and Samsung OLED TVs, all powered by advanced processors and featuring AI-based enhancements for picture quality and sound.   The […]

Samsung’s New Robot Vacuum Is Scarily Intelligent

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo by Samsung is a highly advanced smart vacuum/mop/steamer robot that utilizes enhanced AI to improve cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. It offers several innovative features, such as AI Object Recognition, the ability to identify and focus on stubborn stains, and automatic floor type detection. Additionally, it includes a unique cleaning station […]



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