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UK, US strike landmark deal on AI safety testing’

The UK and the US have forged a partnership following the EU’s recent approval of the risk-based AI Act. This collaboration aims to establish testing procedures and guidelines on AI safety by leveraging the capabilities and expertise of both countries. The plan involves developing tests for advanced AI models, creating tools for risk evaluation, and […]

Government watchdog prepares to assess Pentagon’s revamped AI strategy

In early 2024, the Defense Department will undergo a formal review of its new Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Adoption Strategy by government oversight officials. The review aims to assess whether the strategy fulfills the guidance provided in a March 2022 report, which urged the Department to improve its frameworks and approaches for incorporating powerful […]

US Gov in talks with Nvidia over AI chip exports to China

The US government, led by the Biden administration, is closely monitoring the sale of Nvidia’s accelerators to China, specifically focusing on restricting the shipment of the most advanced AI chips that could be used for military applications. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has emphasized the importance of Nvidia complying with export restrictions and selling GPUs for […]

U.S., U.K., and Global Partners Release Secure AI System Development Guidelines

In the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI), it seems that security is the buzzword of the day. The U.K., the U.S., and a bunch of other countries have come together to release new guidelines for developing secure AI systems. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why do we need guidelines for something that’s not […]

US, Britain, other countries ink agreement to make AI ‘secure by design’

In a groundbreaking international agreement, the United States, Britain, and a coalition of 16 other countries have come together to address the pressing issue of keeping artificial intelligence (AI) safe from rogue actors. In a 20-page document, the countries highlighted the need for AI systems that prioritize security from the design phase. While the agreement […]



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