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Nvidia partners with Shutterstock, Getty Images on AI-generated 3D content

Nvidia is making a splash in the world of 3D content generation with its latest offering, the Nvidia Edify multimodal generative AI model. This innovative tool, introduced at GTC 2024, allows developers and visual content providers to create 3D content more efficiently and effectively. Partnering with established names like Shutterstock and Getty Images, Nvidia is […]

Accenture partners with Cohere to bring generative AI to enterprises

Accenture, a renowned global consulting firm, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Cohere, a leading enterprise AI startup. Together, they aim to revolutionize businesses worldwide by offering tailored generative AI solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. Cohere’s cutting-edge technology, including the Command large language model and advanced enterprise search tools Embed and Rerank, will be […]

As more governments look at AI rules, Accenture tests software to help companies comply

In a world where the inner workings of AI models often resemble a mysterious black box, EQTY lab emerges as a beacon of clarity and accountability. With their innovative software, they aim to revolutionize the world of generative AI models by providing a solution that ensures transparency and integrity from inception to implementation.   The […]



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