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Wendy’s reveals its Drive-Thru Innovation, Wendy’s FreshAI

Wendy’s has partnered with Google Cloud to develop Wendy’s FreshAI, an industry-leading generative AI platform designed to enhance the drive-thru experience by understanding casual conversation with customers and handling Wendy’s menu full of customizations and configurations. The AI platform aims to improve speed, accuracy, and consistency in sales transactions while empowering crew members. Wendy’s FreshAI […]

McDonald’s will use Google AI to make sure your fries are fresh, or something?

McDonald’s is teaming up with Google to roll out generative AI in thousands of its stores beginning in 2024. This partnership involves hardware and software upgrades to optimize operations, including the promise of delivering hotter and fresher food to customers. The AI-driven system, which will run on-location and through Google Cloud services, aims to streamline […]

Busted! Drive-Thru Run by “AI” Actually Operated by Humans in the Philippines

The AI drive-thru system used at Checkers and Carl’s Jr relies heavily on outsourced laborers to intervene in over 70% of customer interactions, despite being marketed as an autonomous technology by Presto Automation, the company behind the system. The SEC is currently investigating claims regarding aspects of Presto’s AI technology. The reveal of the extensive […]



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