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Hear your imagination: ElevenLabs to launch model for AI sound effects

ElevenLabs, a two-year-old AI startup founded by former Google and Palantir employees, has unveiled plans to introduce a new text-to-sound model. This innovative AI technology will enable creators to generate sound effects by describing their ideas in words, adding a new dimension to content creation in the era of AI-driven digital experiences.   Although the […]

ElevenLabs reportedly banned the account that deepfaked Biden’s voice with its AI tools

ElevenLabs found itself in hot water after a user created a deepfake audio clip of Joe Biden, which was then used in a robocall to disrupt the elections in New Hampshire. The security firm Pindrop confirmed that ElevenLabs’ tools were used to generate the deepfake audio, prompting the company to ban the responsible account, though […]

ElevenLabs Latest AI Unicorn After $80M Raise

ElevenLabs, a voice AI startup based in Brooklyn, has successfully raised an $80 million Series B at a unicorn valuation. This marks a significant up round from its previous funding and showcases the high investor interest in AI technology.   The Series B was co-led by prestigious investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Nat Friedman, and […]

ElevenLabs Unveils AI Speech to Speech Converter

Welcome to the world of AI-generated voices, where the possibilities are as vast as the number of premium voices at your disposal. Yes, you heard that right, we’re talking thousands of voices here, people! It’s like having your own personal choir, only without the hassle of coordinating schedules and dealing with diva behavior.   But […]

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