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Humane’s AI “Pin” Is a $700 Flaming Dumpster Fire

Humane, an AI startup that generated significant buzz after securing $100 million in funding for its “Pin” device, has recently faced reviews that label the gadget as disappointing. Priced at $700, with an additional $24 monthly subscription fee, the lapel-mounted, screenless Pin struggled to perform basic tasks like accurately reporting the weather and translating text. […]

Humane’s Ai Pin launch delayed to mid-April amid high expectations

Humane, an AI startup based in the Bay Area, has informed its eager consumers about a slight delay in shipping their highly anticipated product, the Ai Pin. Originally scheduled for release in March, the shipment has now been pushed back to mid-April, as revealed by Sam Sheffer, the company’s Head of Media, in a recent […]

Humane lays off 4 percent of employees before releasing its AI Pin

Humane, a Silicon Valley startup, has recently announced a 4 percent reduction in its workforce, affecting 10 employees. The move was attributed to cost-cutting measures and the need to lower budgets. The company is preparing to launch its first product, an AI-powered pin marketed as a smartphone replacement, after securing over $200 million in funding […]



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