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Waymo Driverless Car Crashes Into Human Cyclist in San Francisco

The autonomous vehicle saga continues as a Waymo self-driving car found itself in a squabble with a cyclist in San Francisco. According to Waymo’s version of events, their vehicle was innocently waiting at an intersection when the sneaky cyclist, hidden by an oncoming truck, decided to play a game of chicken. Despite heavy braking, the […]

Waymo seeks to expand driverless service to Los Angeles

Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous driving unit, has filed an application with the California Public Utilities Commission to extend its driverless service to Los Angeles. This expansion would allow Waymo to fully operate its fleet in Los Angeles, where it is currently testing rides by invitation only. The company aims to work with local policymakers, first responders, […]

Waymo’s driveless cars are hitting Phoenix’s freeways at long last

Waymo has announced the commencement of testing its driverless vehicles on highways and freeways, marking a significant expansion from the earlier restricted city street tests.   The company is starting the highway and freeway tests around Phoenix with the autonomous Jaguar I-Pace SUV, initially limiting access to company employees and their guests. The data collected […]

Waymo has 7.1 million driverless miles — how does its driving compare to humans?

For years, Waymo has been touting the safety potential of its driverless vehicles, and now it claims to have the data to back it up. The company analyzed 7.13 million fully driverless miles in three cities and found its vehicles to be 6.7 times less likely than human drivers to be involved in a crash […]

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