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This new AI tool from Adobe makes generating the images you need even simpler

Adobe recently introduced Structure Reference capabilities in its text-to-image generator, Firefly, at the Adobe Summit event. This new feature allows users to input an image as a template for the artificial intelligence (AI) model to follow when creating a new image. Users can adjust the “strength” of the reference, controlling how closely the new image […]

Adobe introduces structure reference for Firefly AI and GenStudio for brands

Adobe introduced its innovative GenStudio application at the ongoing Adobe Summit to empower enterprises and brands in creating generative AI assets for campaigns. This new application ensures more user control with its unique “Structure reference” feature, allowing users to upload an image to guide subsequent image generations in terms of arrangement rather than style or […]

Adobe is making it easier to create social content on mobile with AI

Adobe has unveiled the latest version of its Adobe Express app in beta, enhancing the mobile content creation experience by integrating Firefly AI models. This update empowers users to efficiently craft and modify social content through generative AI tools directly within the app, streamlining the design process. Notably, this move positions Adobe to better compete […]

Adobe Firefly repeats the same AI blunders as Google Gemini

Adobe’s new AI image creation tool, Firefly, has landed in controversy for replicating mistakes made by Google’s now-defunct Gemini tool. Gemini faced backlash for generating historically inaccurate images, such as portraying America’s Founding Fathers as Black and omitting white individuals. Following public criticism, Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged the missteps and ceased Gemini’s operations.   […]

Adobe reveals a GenAI tool for music

Adobe presented Project Music GenAI Control at the Hot Pod Summit in Brooklyn, showcasing its unique ability to generate audio based on text descriptions or a reference melody, allowing users to tailor the results seamlessly within one platform. Users can modify elements like tempo, intensity, patterns, and structure, extending tracks to custom lengths, remixing, or […]

Adobe unveils new AI-powered audio features in Premiere Pro

Adobe has introduced new AI-powered audio tools in the latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro (22.4) to enhance video editing for creators. The highlight of this update is the Enhance Speech feature, which uses AI to reduce background noise and improve the sound quality of dialogue in videos with just one click. This feature aims […]

Adobe adds AI assistant to Acrobat, Reader in effort to maintain relevance in PDF market

Adobe has launched a new AI assistant for Acrobat and Reader, designed to enhance user interactions with PDF documents. This move aims to solidify Adobe’s leadership in the PDF market amidst increasing competition from AI startups like OpenAI and Anthropic. The AI Assistant, currently in beta, allows users to ask questions about PDF content, receive […]

TikTok’s AI Creative Assistant teams up with Adobe in new integration

TikTok partners with Adobe Express to enhance video creation experience through the integration of its AI-powered Creative Assistant. Adobe Express, a popular tool among TikTok creators, offers templates and media elements for creating polished videos tailored for the social media platform. The new collaboration enables easier optimization of content within Adobe Express, providing users with […]

Adobe’s new AI-powered Premiere Pro features eradicate boring audio editing tasks

Adobe is launching new AI-powered audio editing features in Premiere Pro, including interactive fade handles, AI-powered audio category tagging, Enhanced Speech beta feature, and quality-of-life improvements such as automatically resizing waveforms and updated clip colors. The updates aim to decrease the tedious tasks in audio editing, providing editors more time to focus on other projects. […]



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