Gemini Rising: Google Pitches an AI Model to Challenge ChatGPT Plus for $20 a Month

Google has thrown down the gauntlet in the world of AI with the rebranding of Bard to Gemini and the launch of its premium tier, Gemini Advanced. Sundar Pichai hailed this move as ‘the next step in the Gemini era,’ positioning Google to take on heavyweights like ChatGPT Plus. Despite keeping its core technology unchanged, […]

Over half UK students using AI for assignments, finds study

The United Kingdom seems to be embracing a new study buddy: artificial intelligence (AI). According to a recent survey by the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi), over half of undergraduate students are cozying up to AI to tackle their academic tasks. From polishing up assignments with Google Bard and ChatGPT to leaning on AI for […]

Google reportedly rebranding Bard to Gemini, adding ‘Advanced’ subscription service

Google has rebranded its AI assistant from Bard to Gemini, emphasizing accessibility to Google AI for all users across supported countries and languages. With the introduction of Gemini Advanced, users can access Google’s latest AI advancements, including the powerful Ultra 1.0 model, for complex tasks like coding and logical reasoning. The new Gemini app aims […]

Google Bard gets image generation and a more capable Gemini Pro to take on ChatGPT

Google’s Bard AI chatbot is being updated to include image generation capabilities and the more capable Gemini Pro, making it a more globally accessible and helpful AI collaborator.   Google is experimenting with ImageFX, a new image generation tool, and expanding the availability of Gemini Pro to over 40 languages across more than 230 countries […]

Google Bard Advanced is coming, but it likely won’t be free

In its latest endeavor, Google is set to introduce Bard Advanced, potentially its first paid AI chatbot. The code on Bard’s website offers users a three-month free trial of Bard Advanced, hinting at subsequent charges. A tweet from Bedros Pamboukian shed light on this discovery, also suggesting that a Google One subscription might be necessary […]

Google Assistant with Bard: Tech giant will rebrand its assistant app, but it won’t support all features in classic app

Google is stepping up its AI game with the introduction of Bard, its new AI assistant chatbot. Bard is set to bring generative AI to YouTube and is packed with all sorts of fancy AI features. However, here’s the catch: Bard won’t support all the features currently available in the Classic Assistant. So, users might […]

Bard can now watch YouTube videos for you

In the world of AI, Google’s chatbot Bard is making waves. After a lackluster start, Bard has been upping its game and now boasts a YouTube integration that can analyze videos without pressing play. Imagine never having to sit through another preroll ad or scroll through the video description for the recipe you desperately need. […]



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